The Geometric Home Screen

Reader Isaac Weston created this attractive, minimal Android home screen using bright colours and basic, flat geometric shapes.

Isaac lays out how to recreate the home screen yourself:

First time creating a super simple home screen. I'm using Apex Launcher, set to an 8x10 grid with no margin on the any sides.

The widget at the top is UCCW with the Minate theme. Just download the Minate ZIP, extract it to a folder and import it through the Import menu in UCCW.

I placed the widget as a 3x3 and adjusted it to a 4x4 to take up the amount of room I wanted it to. You could place it as a 4x4, I just do things a little strangely sometimes.

As far as the weather icons go, I used the Vos_CM9 icon set. I had to rename the icons to get them to show up. This was a pain and I don't recommend it. The only reason I installed these icons was because I couldn't get the stock icons with the Minate theme to show up.

That being said, if you like the icon I used above, an alternative that I've started using is the 1x1 Weather Eye widget. It has multiple icon sets, and, with the widget overlapping feature in Apex Pro, you can settle that widget in the same area as the icon.

For the home screen icons, I downloaded the Color Theme Pack and changed all of the icons manually on the screen by holding down on the icons, selecting "Edit," and tapping the icon in the next window that pops up. You can then select an icon from a set you have installed or from your gallery. The colour Theme Pack should be available as an option after you select "Icon Pack".


    Beautiful! This is what I miss about Android. I love my iPhone, but to have a personalised, minimal home screen like this would make my day. Any alternatives for us iSheep?

      Well... You COULD get a Goophone... That looks like an iPhone but runs android. Then you can run the above minimalistic theme, or dress it up as an iPhone, best of both worlds (?). Of course, eating on both sides of the fence could upset other iBoys...

      Winterboard (iOS) or MIUI (Android ROM).

      I do really love this sort of look. I do like the minimalist colour and shape approach that M$ and Google are going for... Any iOS themes in this sort of style I would love to hear about!

      Last edited 08/11/12 12:07 am

    Beautiful. Going to give this a try tonight.

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