The Evolving Workspace

Today's featured workspace has changed a lot over the years, moving from a massive multi-screen setup to a neater, yet still productive workspace. Each device now has "just" one second screen; the multiple monitors help him separate his work tasks.

Flickr user AndrewNez details the changes he's made since 2009, saying that getting rid of the standalone PC on his desk and using VMware Fusion instead on his iMac has been "liberating".

My Evolving Workspace [Flickr]


    I'm guessing that I won't need 9 screens at once, but I'm wondering if a multi-screen setup would help me at work.

    Could we have an article explaining to non-techies why they might benefit from having more than one screen - and also how to go about getting it done. Can any old notebook pump out to 2 screens. I know I can use my notebook screen in conjunction with my 24" LCD but if I do I lose 1080p - which for me is a strong preference - as I like the text / fonts to look sharp.

      It all depends on what you actually do... but in saying that, I would hate to go back to using one screen, whether it's internet browsing, gaming, transferring files, or actually doing work!
      There really isn't any downside to having 2 or more screens as long as you have the space for it, you probably don't want to make your workspace too cluttered.

      For a notebook, you just need to have two display outputs. It depends on the programs you use, but it should be able to use 2 screens as long as it's not too strenuous on the graphics side. When you plug it in, you just need to go into display preferences (or control panel) and configure the display size etc. to make it look sharper.

      You could also use you laptop screen as well if you get a stand and a separate keyboard.

      TL;DR - Do it.

        Yeah I can use my notebook screen and the LCD - it auto configures as soon as I open the notebook (lift up the lid) - but the problem is that the resolution goes all funky. If it were able to maintain the resolution then I'd have more of a play with it and think about getting a second LCD. I'm not sure if that's because i'm running a 4 year old notebook with 512mb graphics card. I don't want to get a new notebook just to discover that can't do it either.

      I have two screens, most of the time I only use one of them.
      For an hour or two a day I'll be using both screens, and in that time the difference in productivity is massive!

    Hey Dave, your laptop probably could run a second screen as long as it has a connection, however if its pretty old i wouldn't sugest it, your graphics card would have to power both screens and you'd probably find it stuttered along if you pushed it too hard. I have a pretty old laptop and two screens but i use a couple of apps to shut down one screen when i'm running certain programs to help it along. If you're just using the laptop to browse the web or emails tho, i'd say DEF get one, having two screens certainly helps if there's a few windows, browsers etc open.

      Cool. I think maybe it's not something for me right now but perhaps something I should plan for when I upgrade my notebook. I have my eye on a 30" Dell super HD jobby too.

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