Tab Scissors Divides Your Chrome Tabs

If you ever want to divide your open Chrome tabs into multiple browser windows, nothing makes it easier than Tab Scissors.

The extension couldn't be simpler. All you have to do is select a tab in Chrome, click the extension icon and your browser window will instantly split in two. Any tabs that were to the left of your active tab will be transferred to the left window, and the rest will be on the right.

While you might not need to use it often, it's great if you want to bookmark a handful of tabs at once without closing the rest, or for splitting your browser into distinct windows for fun distractions and work-related web pages.

Tab Scissors [Chrome Web Store via MakeUseOf]


    Not a bad idea, although this is actually pretty easy to do in Chrome without extensions, since it allows you to select multiple tabs at once. Select a tab, hold shift while clicking another tab to select everything in between, then drag them out.

      Cancel that, it working now. I clearly was doing something wrong xD

    A little redundant I would think, on Windows 7. You can simply drag the tab away from the main window to open a separate window, then "knock" it against the far right or left of the screen to instantly half-resize that window. Do the same procedure for the other window and you get two instances each on one side of your screen.

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