Save Time Cleaning Up After Cooking With A Single Bowl

Save Time Cleaning Up After Cooking With A Single Bowl

Having all of your ingredients prepped and arranged ahead of time (known as mise en place) is a real cooking timesaver. But who wants to clean up a bunch of bowls or clutter up the cutting board? America’s Test Kitchen offers a few solutions; one of them is to layer the ingredients in one bowl.

Separate each layer with a sheet of wax paper or plastic wrap and put the ingredients in the order you’ll need them for cooking. This way, you’ll only have one bowl to wash and save space on your kitchen counter to boot.

Another solution is to use coffee filters instead of bowls.

3 Perfect Prep Containers [America’s Test Kitchen]


  • I use the old glass cup things from Glade scented candles for measuring ingredients.

    If you soak them in hot water, it is really easy to get the last of the wasted wax out.

    • You just have to figure out if it’s worse to wash that many bowls, using a lot of water, or if it’s better to use wax paper.
      I once read that the energy it takes to clean a coffee mug is comparable to the energy needed to dispose of a Styrofoam cup. Not sure how valid it is though. Point made? Probably not.

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