Save Time By Peeling A Potato With Your Bare Hands

Peeling potatoes is never fun. Instead of accidentally peeling your knuckles along with the potatoes, culinary blog Chow shows us a method that requires just your bare hands.

Cooked your potatoes, place them in iced water for 5-10 seconds, and then remove the skin with your hands. The skin should come off very easily. This works great when you have to use large quantities for such things as mashed potatoes or a potato salad.

How to Peel a Potato with Your Bare Hands [Chow]


    Yes but peeling them generally shows where the small bad spots etc are and you can then trim them out before cooking. This is even more important when you buy spuds that have dirt still on them.

    If you've been peeling potatoes long enough, you get good at it. Comparing this to how fast I can peel potatoes actually seems slower.

    And who scrapes their knuckles while peeling potatoes? I've never done that.

      Yeah i think I can use a potato peeler to get a result quicker than this. And I don't need to cook the potato first either. To me it makes a lot more sense to peel the potato before cooking anyway.

        Peeling your potatoes before boiling them = waterlogged potatoes = gluey mash/puree.

        Always cook them in the skin, then peel afterwards (unless you're leaving the skin on that is).

    Indeed. Who peels potatoes anyway? The peel is the best part.

    Makes sense, it depends on how big your peeling batches are...

    If I peel 5 potatoes, i'd do it with a peeler. If I peel 50, i'd boil the shit out of them.

    Now take those original 5 potatoes, roast some garlic, mash it up with some butter and you're set!

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