Repurpose A Parmesan Container Into A Bicycle Emergency Kit

Carrying tools is essential when cycling. You can purchase dedicated bike toolkits, but you can save money by constructing your own. A plastic parmesan cheese container has two big advantages for this purpose: it's cheap and you can easily fit it into your water bottle holder.

Make zine's YouTube channel originally shared this tip from Make staffer Nick Normal. His kit includes a rag, crescent wrench, multitool, patch kit, LED flashlight, Allen keys, adhesive bandages and a few other items.

Bike Repair Kit [Make Zine via YouTube]


    I'll definitely have to try this one; it'll let me leave my backpack at home more often.

    It might be worth going with something a little longer so you can fit a portable pump in there as well. Those patches wont be too useful if you can't re-inflate the tyre afterwards.

    A water bottle from bigw with a wide mouth would also have the same effect.

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