Quickly Clean Your Blender by Blending Water, Detergent And Ice

Blenders aren't the easiest kitchen applicance to clean by hand. Redditor redbullramen found that you a little detergent, water and ice can do the trick with a push of a button.

Picture by Ann Worthy (Shutterstock)

Here's the method:

After you've poured the last of your blended, give the blender a good upside down rinse. Hold the blender upside down and spray up into the inside around the edges. After most of the drink is gone, fill the blender about 1/5th full of water and add a little soap. Put the lid on and blend. The water will froth white with bubbles and eventually expand to the top after 15 seconds of blending. Rinse again, and dry! Also: add ice cubes for additional abrasion when needed.

Seems like a simple solution to an annoying cleaning task.

Wash out a blender quickly by blending water and soap [Reddit]


    People clean blenders by hand?

      Its not ahrd, though i dont use mine very often, unscrew the bottom wash the jug part, wash the bottom part thats easy to get to now, let dry put together, takes maybe 40 seconds not counting drying time, faster if you get the hang of putting it back together.

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