Print Out This Basic Mac Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet For Friends And Family

Lifehacker readers and writers are a tech-savvy bunch, and many of us can't imagine living without the keyboard shortcuts that save us so much time every day. They're so useful that it's often hard to watch a less-knowledgeable friend or family member point and click their way to everything. If you want to get them on board with keyboard shortcuts, print out this handy cheat sheet so they always have it around for quick reference.

Most of the shortcuts on this PDF are simple and obvious to experienced users, but they're the basics a novice ought to know. Share the love!

Mac OS X Beginner Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet


    Err - Doesn't command+Tab switch application, and Command+backtick cycle through windows within the current app?

      Yes Nevryn, you are right (although I've never heard that key referred to as 'backtick' …'Grave Accent' according to a quick google …).

        Pretty universally known as a backtick in my circles:

    This would be handy to give to someone who is brand new to OS X. However the first shortcut is incorrect;
    Command-Tab will cycle forward through open applications – essentially the same behaviour that Windows users are used to with Alt-Tab.

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