Planhacker: Cheap Windows Phone 7 Devices

The first Windows Phone 8 devices were announced earlier this week, but we won't see the first models in Australia until later in November. Does that make this the ideal time to grab a cheap Windows Phone 7 device?

While you can still (in theory) buy a Windows Phone 7 device on contract, we can't possibly recommend that. We've known since June this year that Windows Phone 7 handsets won't be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 8. They will (eventually) get an update to Windows Phone 7.8, which includes a handful of 8's features (such as resizable home screen icons), but there won't be any major changes. If you want a contract Windows phone, waiting until late November and heading straight for Windows Phone 8 is the only sensible route.

However, if you want a cheap Windows Phone 8 device — perhaps as a gentle entry into the smart world for a dumbphone-hugging relative — there are some OK deals out there right now for unlocked handsets. Here's what we found on a quick tour around the main online phone stores for in-stock Windows Phone 7 devices. We've also linked each phone to its Gizmodo review.

Check carefully before buying: inclusions differ between providers, and some may be selling different models that don't support the frequency your chosen carrier users. Pricing will, oddly, often depend on the colour of the phone; we've listed the cheapest option we spotted.

Seen other Windows Phone 7 outright deals out there? Share them in the comments.

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    "We can't recommend WP7"
    "However if you want WP8 there are deals"
    "*List of WP7 deals*"

    Do not follow.

    Are you saying that dumphone-hugging relatives are exempt from the advice to wait for WP8 (and is that a typo)?

      Simple enough - wp7 for a cheap off-contract phone, otherwise wp8 for a subsidised contract phone

    Yeah there is just a typo in there, where it's meant to say "cheap win7 phones" where instead it says cheap win 8 ones.

    I've seen COTD sell the LG 7's for like 150 bucks sometimes when they are up there.

    Last edited 01/11/12 8:37 pm

    It's always funny when someone makes a comment when they clearly didn't read the article.

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