Optus Adds 4G To Prepaid Arsenal

Optus Adds 4G To Prepaid Arsenal

Fancy getting some high-speed 4G on your handset but don’t want to sign up for a contract? Optus has launched its prepaid 4G plans, offering options for both handset owners with a 4G-compatible device and a prepaid 4G Wi-Fi modem and dongle.

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We’ve summarised the voice plans Optus is offering in the table below. The pricing is identical to its existing prepaid offer. As with all Optus plans, unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, eBay and MySpace is included. All plans run for 28 days and include unlimited Australian SMS. Call minutes can be used to Australian mobiles, 1300/1800 numbers and to international numbers in 23 selected countries.

Cost Data Minutes
$30 500MB 250
$40 1GB 350
$50 2.5GB 450
$70 4GB 600
$100 5GB 900

The mobile broadband devices can be ordered from this Friday (November 16). No official word yet on pricing for those gadgets, but we’ll update when we get it.


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