Opera 12.10 Enhances Social Networking, Extensions

The browser space is dominated by Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, but Opera always performs well in our speed tests and its Turbo feature is very handy if you're on a slow connection. The newly-released version 12.10 incorporates new social networking features and extension enhancements.

New extensions for Facebook and Twitter deliver updates directly to Opera's Speed Dial start page, saving you from having to launch separate tabs or apps. There are also extensions for Pinterest and StumbleUpon. Background changes include support for touch and pinch-to-zoom on Windows 8; support for Notification Center and retina displays in the Mac version; and the ability for extension developers to utilise right-click menus.

Opera 12.10 is a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux.



    opera is just being left behind. ive used it and will keep doing so because i just love it but more and more sites just dont function well on it.
    the only way around ive found is to set opera to be recognized as firefox by everything.

      I don't understand where you're coming from. The only site that does not work for me is my work webmail (and the reason being is they are still using exchange 2003 - almost 10 years on!).

      Every other site I have been to works perfectly.

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