Onavo Count Watches Your iPhone Data Usage

iOS: Onavo Count, our favourite data usage tracker for Android, is now available for iPhone users looking to avoid hefty excess data fees.

The app works in the same way as its Android cousin. You tell Onavo Count your billing cycle end date, and the app will keep an eye on your data usage over the course of the month and show you which apps are using the most data and when, so you can see which apps are talkative when you're not using them.

Onavo Count ranks your apps by data usage, and gives you an easy to understand chart so you can see who the biggest data hogs are, and whether you’re in danger of hitting your bandwidth cap for the month.

Onavo Count also works seamlessly in combination with Onavo Extend, another iOS (and Android) app we love that compresses your mobile data to save you money on bandwidth. Both apps are free and available now. By September next year, new TCP Code rules will mean providers have to send you warnings when you have used 50 per cent, 80 per cent and 100 per cent of your data, but this is a handy alternative while we wait for that to happen

Onavo Count [iTunes App Store]


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