No Australia Tax On New iMac Models

Apple's new-model iMacs, which were announced in late October, officially go on sale on Friday November 30. Model prices start from $1429, and this time around there's no evidence of an 'Australia tax' penalty in Apple's Australian pricing.

Here's the pricing you'll pay for the new models in Australia, and the equivalent price in the US. The important point to remember is that the Australian price also includes GST, while the US price doesn't include state sales taxes. If you add the 10 per cent GST to the US prices, they are virtually identical.

Model $AU Price $US Price
21.5in 2.7GHz $1429 $1299
21.5in 2.9GHz $1698 $1499
27in 2.9GHz $1999 $1799
27in 3.2GHz $2199 $1999

We've made the point before that when it comes to hardware, Apple no longer seems to charge wildly different prices in Australia and the US. Overcharging is more evident in music; AC/DC's recent arrival on the iTunes store, for example, saw Australians charged $229.99 for its complete recordings, while Americans pay just $149.99. I'm all for calling out companies on dodgy pricing practices, and Apple's refusal to make any public comment about its local music store pricing is lamentable, but it can't be accused of blanket overcharging.



    There's no disparity (after GST), assuming a 1:1 conversion... but the $Aussie has settled in at higher than 1:1 and, if anything, looks like it'll go higher before it goes lower.
    Still, beggars can't be choosers and this is a turn for the better.

    I thought the (local) recording labels were responsible for setting the prices of music in iTunes.

    I'd like to point out that few states have a sales tax of 10% and a few like Oregon have no sales tax at all. See link

    On the other hand Australian retailers often run 10-15% of Mac sales so it probably levels itself out.

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      Ok instead of adding sales tax to the US price - take the GST off the AU price (1/11th of the final price). Same result achieved and the prices are comparable.

      Tax works a little differently in the US, too. Instead of it being shown in the up-front price like it is with Australian GST, American Sales Taxes are added when you pay, simply because different states have different rates. That's why I prefer GST and the UK's VAT (Value Added Tax). It's all included so you don't have to worry about it when you rock up to pay for your stuff.

    Yup.. maybe in a few years I might eventually get a mac.. but it's unlikely since I am so heavily invested in the Windows OS

      Thats what ive been saying to myself. But lately ive been thinking that i might just be throwing good money after bad. Other than gaming related reasons i dont see any other why 'I' should stay with the WinOS.

        Surprisingly, iMac's are very capable of running games in Bootcamp. I play Borderlands 2 at full settings and 2560x1440 on my 27" iMac and it never stutters. Same with Guild Wars 2, Dishonored. I love my iMac, just because there's less cables to worry about, and the display is awesome. The fact that it doesn't stutter at playing brand new games is a bonus!

    Always find these sorts of things happen only After governments want to investigate the pricing differences. Just like the changes at McDonalds after the movie Super Size Me, I'm betting the old line 'No not related at all' gets rolled out if Apple responds at all.

      I was considering a new mac recently but the lack of optical drive killed it off. I thought if there was no price drop why should I then pay more to add a device that you took out. Now with the price drip its looks like the macs back in the running for a new PC.

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