Mac Utility Bundle Has Parallels 8 At $20 Off

Mac: Software bundles often score more of their value from one key app. The Mac Utility Bundle from StackSocial includes Parallels 8 and costs $US60, which is $20 less than our favourite virtualisation software for Mac costs on its own.

You also get four other Mac apps as well: SnagIt, VirusBarrier, MacOptimizer and Rubbernet. We're not familiar with any of these apps, but they offer a nice bonus if you need them. Either way, $20 off of Parallels 8 is a solid 25 per cent discount.

Mac Utility Bundle [StackSocial]


    II bought this today and it all works great!

    Good purchase price for Parallels. One thing to consider with Parallels though is the ongoing cost-of-ownership. Compared to VMWare Fusion. I switched earlier this year when I worked out that the money I had spend on the "upgrade" prices for Parallels over the years were 6-7 times the price of buying VMWare outright everytime a new version was released. VMWare upgrades even cheaper.

    The thing that pushed me over to VMWare was another new version of Parallels came out and the Upgrade price they offered me f was $30 more than buying full version of VMWare Fusion outright as a new customer.

    fwiw I've noticed no real-world difference between using the two products. They are like Commodore and Falcon of this category. Both excellent and fully featured.

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