Lifehacker Updates: Mobile Site, @ Replies, WYSIWYG Comments

Having already given us an awesome membership system, notifications and comment voting, our hard-working tech team continues to deliver the goods. Our mobile site now delivers all our site functionality in a small-screen friendly mobile format, you can make Twitter-style @mentions, and we've added a bunch of WYSWIWG formatting.

We've had lots of requests for the mobile site to return, so it's great to have it back better than ever. You don't need a specific address to access it; we auto-detect (most) mobile browsers and switch to the mobile look. All the features of the membership system work on the mobile site. You can toggle between the mobile and desktop versions using the link at the bottom of the page (handy if auto-detection doesn't work for some reason or you prefer the desktop view on your phone).

Typing @username in a comment will trigger our notification systems, so you'll know whenever you're mentioned in a comment on Lifehacker (and also on Gizmodo and Kotaku). You can also bold, italicise and underline your text, and add a spoiler tag if needed. I'm not quite sure what qualifies as a spoiler in Lifehacker terms, but I'm open to suggestions . . .

If your run into any issues or bugs, let us know in the comments. Enjoy (and thanks Ben and Rob for all the new options)!


    Hate the persistent menu on mobile - I already have a small screen!
    Hate the green comment numbering bubbles because they're much harder to read.
    New fonts are growing on me, but hate the all capitals headers.
    Don't like the idea of "pages", preferred the more AJAXy "next X articles" at the bottom.
    Like the better delineation if article categories.

    This fucking rocks! Thanks for all your hard work on the site guys.

    I hope a glorious rainbow makes its way across the universe and hits you right in the junk

      I'd report you, but... well... it was shuttered

      Wait wait wait... I press the "B" button, and it inserts (in plain text) "< b > < / b >" around what I write.... How is that WYSIWYG? (firefox 16.0.2)

    This is cute, but the ability to upvote and downvote articles would be awesome. :D

      Not quite sure I can see a point to that. If people don't like an article for whatever reason, the comments provide a means of expressing those thoughts :)

    I've never been a fan of up voting/down voting. It's often used more for negative reasons more than for positive ones.

    I on the whole like the changes, but am not a fan of the bar at the top.

    Vertical space is super important to me! Especially as a predominately landscape phone user.

    Ah, finally. I was happy back when the desktop websites had redesigns, but was surprised when I realised that the mobile sites of LH, Giz and Kotaku hadn't been updated yet.

    Last edited 16/11/12 6:40 pm

    I don't understand why comment voting doesn't have real-time UI. I have to refresh the page to see the effect of voting. (Chrome 23)

    It would also be good if replies to comments were registered on your site profile as with other (older) commenting systems like Disqus.

    Last edited 17/11/12 1:50 am

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