Lifehacker Awards 2012: Nominate Your Favourite Mobile App

Our 2012 Lifehacker Awards nomination process continues Today, we want to know: which mobile apps deserve a place on our shortlist?

Apps running on mobile devices (phones and tablets) are an increasingly important part of most people's productivity. Which apps can't you do without? Offer up your nominations in the comments and we'll use them to build a shortlist for voting next week.


    LastPass (
    By far the best password manager (the worst being human memory).

    Evernote, I just keep finding more uses for it

    JeFit- better than a personal trainer.


      It's one app that keeps getting significantly better over time. I've used it since it was crappy ol DroidFit, and it's just awesome now.

    Netpage (not available in Australia, though...)

    There's a few noteworthy apps on my phone at the moment. (Android)

    For bookmarks I've been using this lately and it's great to save articles at work for me to read easily on the train home - Pocket

    For music with gapless playback for free, can't go past the newly released (on the Play Store) Apollo

    Instagram for well, being Instagram. Really enjoy the community and the app augments that well

    Finally I wanted to drop in DosBox Turbo (and it's addon, DosBox Manager) - worked straight away and better than other DosBox apps I've tried. A must for the mobile retro gamer.

    For rooted android
    -Titanium Backup Pro
    -Paragon's NTFS & HFS+

    -Xbox Smartglass
    -Scan (For QR codes, when I'm too lazy to have to type in URLs for my phone)
    -MX Player

      +1 on Titanium Backup Pro, one of those apps I don't use everyday but extremely helpful when I need it

    Whatsapp - good bye 30c text messages!

      Hello data charges!

      (albeit usually cheaper...)

        I've only used about 30MB of data with Whatsapp. I've been using since about 2 years ago.


    Tasker. I've automated so many tasks I have tons of free time. Works well unrooted, but really shines when rooted.

    TitaniumBackup -- The UI isn't the best, but I can backup and restore text messages, bluetooth pairings and application data in a snap.

    Wyse Pocket Cloud is also a good one.

    Seems to be the best available to accessing my desktop remotely, and I also have it configured to access my iPod via VNC, so I can control my music from any room in the house.

    -Definitely Tasker.
    -I used Pocket for a while too, which looks beautiful, but doesn't seem to be developed much and has some annoying 'features'. Nowadays I use Strip. Not free, but works more to my liking. Keepass also works well, but I just don't like the GUI.
    -Hololauncher (I've got a Gingerbread phone)
    -Dolphin browser
    Those are probably the most important ones.

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    Carbon - the best twitter app I've used on any platform (webOS, Android, IOS, or Windows).

      Lol it's not even out on android yet!

        I didn't say it was. I said it's better then any twitter app on Android.

    - Dropbox
    - Pocket
    - Flipboard
    - Poweramp +1
    - Google Maps / Navigation / Gmail / Chrome
    - Evernote
    - News360 (A bit slugish at the moment but has lots of potential)
    - HD Widgets
    - Where's My Andriod

    - Shadowgun Deadzone (In my opinion, one of the best games out at the moment)
    - Angry Birds Star Wars

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    BeanHunter! Godsend for anyone who cares about drinking decent coffee.

    I love the Facebook app.

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      Said nobody, ever.

    Young Epilepsy App -

    A wonderful app that helps you to deal with Epilepsy... and it's Free.

    google maps
    g-whizz (for google reader)

    and games:
    chip chain

    Beanhunter and Air Display

    Beanhunter - because it has had positively impacted my life more than any other app!

    Beanhunter for sure!! I travel for work & have found good coffee all over the world using this app

    Beanhunter! It revolutionised my life as a coffee drinker. <3 <3 <3

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