Lifehacker Awards 2012: Nominate Your Favourite Domestic Airline

Lifehacker Awards 2012: Nominate Your Favourite Domestic Airline

December’s nearly here, and that means it’s time for the Lifehacker Awards! As in previous years, we’ll be seeking nominations from readers, then building a shortlist for you to vote on. First category we want your input? Domestic airlines.

Yes, there are some obvious candidates here, but we’d like to know who your favourite airline is. Dedicated Qantas fan? Made the switch to Virgin Australia? Jetting about with Jetstar? Still happy to brave Tiger’s shed? Content with a smaller regional carrier? Tell us and tell us why in the comments, to make sure we don’t miss anyone.

Throughout this week, we’ll be asking for your nominations in additional categories relating to technology, organisation and productivity. Keep tuning in to see when you can nominate your favourites, and make sure you’re back when voting starts next Monday.


  • Virgin, always virgin…. Not only for the fact that I’ve never had a bad experience while flying virgin, also for the fact that if I’ve got to give my money to a multi-millionaire/billionaire airline tycoon its gotta be Branson.

  • I’d say Tiger has improved a lot and will be my pick. I haven’t had any issues with them, they should be commended for maintaining such ground breaking prices, despite all that happened !

  • For short haul, I’m pretty much price driven.

    Sometimes I even overlook the fact that Alan Joyce has done his best to pi$$ me off over the last year – and put the low price first. Doesn’t happen with Qantas often though…

    In the last few months I’ve made bookings on Qantas, Virgin and Jetstar. They all do the job in getting me (and sundry offspring) where I/they need to be. Qantas fares tend to be more expensive – but sometimes the baggage allowance comes in handy AND reduces the price differential.

    All sites seem to take pains to try and get you to add on items you don’t want (or, more to the point, don’t want to pay extra for). Jetstar seems to take this to the most perverse level – and I’ll only consider Jetstar when the others are too expensive.

    AIrline that I use most? Virgin.

    Disclaimer: We own shares in the Joyce fiefdom (Qantas).

  • Qantas. Always around parity with Virgin for where I want to fly, more flights and doesn’t act like I should be grateful for them for “keeping the air fair” while they rip me off.

  • Now a devoted Virgin flyer. Never had a bad experience with Virgin, yet Jetstar keeps plaqued by delays and problems, the last one was last monday where flight was delayed by 9 Hours!!!! from Syd – Cairns. Who on earth delay flight by 9 hours!

  • 100% Virgin, I’ve ridden it many times 😉
    Qantas is probably better, but I can’t bring myself to fly an airline that grounded all their aircraft around the world because of a dispute with its employees. I don’t care about the merits of the situation, you screwed over too many innocent people. International travel can be a pain the best of times, then to be told to go f* yourself by our national airline – is one step too far.

  • I’ve had bad experiences with Virgin, QANTAS and Tiger, all about on par in terms of how annoying they’ve been. QANTAS seems to be poorer in general customer service, while Virgin can be the most pedantic (particularly about silly things, like having to take headphones off when landing – even if they’re the airline headphones plugged into the on-board radio service. I’ve been pinged on that repeatedly. I guess they’re worried that in the event of an emergency during landing, their flimsy earpieces will prevent me from fully experiencing the terrifying last few seconds of everyone’s life). Tiger just gives you exactly what you expect for the price you pay.

    The absolute best service from a domestic I’ve ever gotten was from Virgin. I think QANTAS is more consistent, but at a mediocre level, so I’d have to say my vote is for Virgin, though they’ve got plenty of room to improve.

  • I’ve flown enough that I’ve had suboptimal experiences on ALL of the airlines. Qantas – missed a friend’s kid’s Christening that was the ONLY reason I took time off to travel. Virgin – cheated death on my birthday a few years ago due to a bird strike that was severe enough that it required an engine shutdown and an emegency landing. JetStar – ever rocked/wobbled side to side for an entire flight from SYD to Honolulu? I have. Tiger – don’t get me started on broken down skybuses colliding with Tiger’s inflexible boarding times. But on only ONE airline have there been outstanding segments, and that was Virgin. So, for occasional amazing cabin crew who rise above the mediocrity (or worse) that is domestic air travel just about anywhere these days, they will get my vote.

  • Qantaslink, because it’s one of only two airlines that service my area, and the price is always cheaper than the other (Regional Express). Free food, fine service, prices (when on sale) are good.

  • Used to say virgin 100% but i had a shit experience flying perth to thailand, i actually wrote in to them because it was so average from checkin staff that ignored the main line and diverted all counters to the priority line to having 10 meals onboard for purchase on a full flight.

    The complaint line was so average with a canned response saying thanks but piss off. Not the response i was expecting.

  • Mine used to be Jetstar before they overcomplicated the booking process, brought in ridiculous charges for seat allocation and introduced hefty fees for paying with a non-Jetstar credit card. They’re great to fly with but as a consumer I loathe being tricked by low fares that actually end up being much more costly once you count all the necessary add-ons.

    I find Virgin a bit more pedestrian in terms of service and standard, however, I’ve got to give them props for keeping their booking system honest and their fees mostly all-inclusive.

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