Lifehacker Awards 2012: Nominate Your Favourite Desktop Software

Our 2012 Lifehacker Awards nomination process continues. Today, we're seeking your candidates for the best desktop software.

Windows or Mac or Linux, free or paid, we're not worried: we just want to know which desktop app you find the most useful. We have our own ideas for what should make our finalist list, but we're keen to hear your suggestions, so share ideas in the comments (and nominate contenders for Best Domestic Airline while you're at it.)


    SuperCopier 2.2beta: File Copy Tool.
    Been using this for a few years now. Found it better than Terra Copy (and windows default copy) great for copying multiple files.

    PhotoFiltre: Quick Image Editor.
    Been using this for years too as a quick editor. Is portable and has easy right-click paste to new image which is great for screenshots. Handel's most normal image types.

    Tough question. I spend almost all day using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in equal measure) and adore the Office 2013 preview. However, the one app I couldn't live without is Google Chrome. But if we ignore those staples then my favourite desktop apps are Metapad, Evernote, WinAmp, VLC, and Paint.NET.

    Voodoopad (
    Magnificent note-taker, which 'gets' notes-on-computer (linking, searching, encryption, Markdown, tags, images, embedded files) in a way no other I've tried comes remotely close to.

    AppCode (
    Great IDE for Mac/iOS dev. Makes Xcode seem like a clumsy toy.

    can't live without:



    Seconding the Chrome nom.

    Notepad++: simple, fantastic (free) notepad replacement.

    YNAB: this budget app completely changed the way I sorted my finances.

    Keepass: couldn't get by without this password manager.

      +1 for Notepad ++

    Zoner Photo Studio. ( Outstanding photo (image) management and editing software. Why this isn't better known just beats me. I use the pro version but the free version is chock-a-block with brilliant tools. Maybe not pure beginners stuff but this absolutely kills all of the free alternatives and is for most purposes better than PaintShop Pro and the like

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    Google Chrome, Notepad++ and VLC are the first installs on every PC I touch. I'll give Spotify a mention also due to it's recent successes.

    Chrome, cos I use it the most, and whinge about it the least.

    KatMouse - scroll without needing to click on the window, just hover over it! So simple, yet so useful :)
    MusicBee - my favourite media player
    Switcher - cool alt-tab replacement

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