Learn The Right Way To Hold Weights For A Better Workout

If you're doing weight training — either with light weights or heavy ones — form is incredibly important. But, according to Well and Good NYC, the tightness of your grip has an impact as well.

Photo by Seth Werkheiser.

If you tend to hold onto weights as tightly as you can, you might want to loosen up. As Well and Good points out, when you grip the weight tightly, you're distributing the weight to your wrist, not your bicep. If you see the tendons in your forearm, you might need to relax your grip. Of course, it all depends on exactly what type of exercises you're doing, but it's a good reminder that form is always important.

Are you holding your weights wrong? [Well and Good NYC via The Greatist]


    The forearm muscles don't work like this.
    Firstly squeezing the weight activates the forarm muscles that are the digit flexors.
    Secondly, squeezing the weight won't over activate the brachioradialis (the forearm muscle that is an elbow flexor) to the detriment of the bicep.
    Thirdly, squeezing the weights has a small CNS affect that leads to more muscle fibres in each muscle firing.
    Fourthly, if you are going to use 3 pound weights as demonstrated in the article it probably isn't going to make much of a difference overall if your 'brachioradialis' did do some more of the work.
    Fifthly, if you are going to lift anything that isn't an absolute waste of time, you'll want to squeeze the weights lest you drop them on your foot.

    What was the rationale for linking to that article? Did Lifehacker do any evaluation or was it chosen because it could be turned into a headline that would grab clicks?

    Yeah I don't really agree with this. The more muscles involved, the more exercise benefit you'll gather.

    As long as the exercise is done properly, like a DB Press, it doesn't matter how tightly you grip, unless you're actually hurting yourself with improper gripping, which is again, something that won't happen with proper form.

    Interesting caveat - you'll actually be stronger gripping the weights as tightly as possible. A guy called Pavel talks about this concept a lot in his books.

    Yep, unless your wrist in in extreme extension or ulnar deviations, it doesn't make a difference how hard your squeeze. To be honest if you are training properly, you should be training until fatigue, and you will be hanging on for dear life regardless.

    exercising is for fat people. i find it easier just to eat less.

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