Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted to talk about sales: Click Frenzy, Black Friday, and the best free apps. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Finding Click Frenzy ‘Cyber Tuesday’ Sale Bargains Will Be Tough
    Starting at 7pm AEDT on Tuesday November 20 and running for just 24 hours, the Click Frenzy sale site is positioning itself as an Australian alternative to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales which dominate US retailing around Thanksgiving. I’m all for hunting down a bargain, but I’m not entirely convinced that Click Frenzy will deliver bargains to many people. Here are three reasons why.
  2. Click Frenzy Deals Rated: The Good, The Pointless, The Strange
    A handful of deals for the Click Frenzy ‘Cyber Tuesday’ sale have emerged ahead of tonight’s 7PM AEDT start. Sticking to our principle of assessing any sale on its merits, we’re highlighting the ones we know about and whether they’re worthwhile, including Kogan, Telstra, Dick Smith and more. We’ll update as more deals come to hand.
  3. The Free Apps We’re Most Thankful For
    Our Lifehacker US colleagues are in full Thanksgiving mode, and while we might be waiting until December to gorge on turkey and seafood, everyone can be grateful for free apps and services. Here’s a roundup of our favourite free apps and our best guides and posts to help you make the most of them.
  4. Apple Australia Black Friday Sale 2012 Officially Confirmed
    We’re seeing a weird (and unpredictable) knock-off of US Black Friday/ in the form of Click Frenzy. Apple meanwhile is repeating its habit of the past couple of years and having its own Black Friday Sale on November 23. If previous experience is any guide, it won’t be anything to get too excited about.
  5. Why You Should Never Give iTunes Your Credit Card Details
    I use my iTunes account regularly for buying music, and somewhat more rarely for buying apps. But Apple doesn’t have my credit card details, and I see no reason why it ever will.
  6. Apple’s Australian ‘Black Friday’ Sale: What Are The Best Deals?
    As promised, Apple is running a pseudo-‘Black Friday’ sale today, with discounts on iPads, iPods, Macs and other items. We’ve rounded up what’s on offer and analysed whether a worthwhile saving is being offered. Bottom line: some good iPad and accessory deals, but you can do better for MacBooks elsewhere (and nobody is getting a discounted iPad mini this year).
  7. A Map Of Stupid Things People Have Said To US Airport Security Officials
    The first rule of air travel in the modern world is to avoid making jokes about bombs at the security checkpoint, but that doesn’t stop people coming out with comments like “I have a torpedo in my brassiere”. We’ve mapped some of the most ridiculous offenders.
  8. Why It’s Time For The Decimal Day
    Australia gave up years ago on the prehistoric systems of gallons, miles and pounds. But like the rest of the world, we cling like apes to hours, minutes and seconds. What fundamental law of the universe says we must divide our days into 24 equal parts? And then why must we divide these parts by 60 and then 60 again?
  9. Is It OK To Not Put A Passcode On Your Mobile Devices?
    My recklessness often gets turned into cautionary tales around here: I destroyed a screwdriver by trying to use it as a hammer, my hard drive died before I could back it up, and this week I left my brand new iPod Touch at a cafe. Usually, they serve as reminders of why we should be doing this or that. But the only lesson to be had this time around is that it’s actually OK to not secure your gadgets with a passcode.
  10. Click Frenzy Apologises For Utterly Predictable Server Crash
    Yeah, we told you this would happen. As soon as it launched at 7pm yesterday, the Click Frenzy ‘Cyber Tuesday’ sale site was entirely inaccessible or unusably slow for most people, a situation that persisted for hours in many cases. Combine that with a so-so selection of bargains and it seems clear that while we’re all interested in hunting down a good deal, attempting to corral them all in one place didn’t help anyone much.

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