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We looked at new Australian driving laws, Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 prices, Windows 8's biggest annoyances and how to motivate yourself towards your goals. Kick off your Monday by checking out the 10 most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week.

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  1. Google Nexus 4 And Nexus 10 Australian Release Plans And Prices Google is expanding its Nexus range, adding a 10-inch tablet and a newly-updated Nexus phone to the series. Australia is amongst the handful of countries that get the devices in the first release batch. Yay!
  2. 5 Questions That Will Tell You Everything About A Company’s Culture Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to be able to relax and thoughtfully enter the next phase of my working life. For the first time in my life, I could take the next step in my career on my terms. After enjoying the spoils of working for myself, I was ready to join a company again. This led to me spending a handful of weeks looking for the perfect fit. As I talked to friends and browsed company websites I found myself caring about one question above all others: “What’s it like to work there?”
  3. The Best PCs You Can Build For $700 And $1400 Want the challenge and fun of building your own computer? Use our suggested list of components to put together a machine for $700 or $1400.
  4. Install Windows 8 For Just $14.99, Get The Full Version For $69.99 The official price for a Windows 8 upgrade is $39.99, but if you have an existing system running Windows 7 you may be able to take advantage of Microsoft’s $14.99 upgrade offer for recent purchasers of new computers. And if you’re installing on an entirely new machine, a model Microsoft claims it doesn’t support yet, you can still take advantage of the $69.99 “box copy” price rather than paying for a legally-dubious OEM copy. Here’s how to do it.
  5. How To Fix Windows 8′s Biggest Annoyances Windows 8 has some awesome features, but like any new operating system, it also creates its fair share of annoyances for existing users. Here’s how to fix all of those problems, from bringing back the Start menu to making Windows Explorer less dumbed-down.
  6. Australian Laws For Using Your Mobile Phone While Driving NSW has introduced new laws, in effect from today, which make it illegal to handle your phone at all while driving. What rules apply in the rest of the country? We’ve rounded up the current laws for every state and territory.
  7. The Engine Core Desktop Flickr user PrattLegacy wanted something original and fun for his desktop and application launcher, and this circular layout, complete with a small launcher on the side and lots of useful information in the centre, is the result.
  8. The Biggest Supermarket Rip-Off For Smaller Quantities I’ve Ever Seen Supermarket shopping 101 dictates that if you buy items in smaller quantities, you’ll usually pay a premium. But I’ve rarely seen an example as extreme as this. 250 grams of Home Brand reduced-fat cheese? $3.69. 500 grams of the same cheese? $3.79.
  9. Where Are Australia’s Best Ghost Towns? Halloween is almost officially here, so thinking about ghost towns seems strangely appropriate. Abandoned townships serve as a reminder that human circumstances can change quickly, as well as often capturing the architecture of an earlier period in an unsullied form.
  10. How To Motivate Yourself To Actually Achieve Your Goals Starting something new is hard. It can even be a little terrifying. Maybe you don’t know where to start, or maybe you’re scared of failure. But the only way you’ll ever get anything done is if you just get up and do it. Here’s how to conquer those fears, get off your arse, and actually achieve those goals.


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