Keep Yourself Cool While You Sleep... And Drown Out Noisy Neighbours

So, you've tried your best to get your noisy neighbours to not be quite so annoying, but nothing's worked (or you're not in a position to do anything about it). As a final option, you can try drowning out the noise with a simple desk fan by your bed, which, seeing as it's close to summer, will also cool you down.

The approximation of white noise produced by than fan should block a decent amount of the offending sounds, though how much depends on the size and position of the fan.

Not something you'd be keen on doing during winter, but with the weather warming up, it's another good reason to have a cheap air mover on hand.

LPT: Use a desk fan to drown out noise from loud roommates/neighbours/babies etc [Reddit]


    I can't sleep with a fan on. I wake up with horrible hayfever and a blocked nose/sore throat, which I don't get otherwise.

    Fans use a lot of power, you would want to have it on a timer at least.

      When the times at which they make noise and blow cigarette smoke through your window vary wildly between 11pm and 5am, a timer isn't an option.

      A white noise app with some low powered speakers would be more power efficient, but wouldn't solve my particular problem that the fan does (cigarette smoke).

    I've been doing this for years, to the point where I hate to sleep without a fan on any more.

    One of the things I experimented with for a while was a pink noise generator (see for an example - basically sounds like the sea), before I eventually settled on a recorded loop of rain from

    I live in a granny flat - and the doors aren't solid. They're louver doors. I have 2 fans (ceiling and upright) on all night every night - not on me (the ceiling fan is about 5m from the bed) - keeps the noise down from the rest of the house when they get up very early.

    Been doing it all my life. can have negative effects on your hearing but keeps you cool

    It's amazing how much more effective a fan is with the grill removed - no turbulence, quieter and a much stronger breeze even on low.

    It looks unsafe, but most have plastic blades and turn slow enough to put your hand right into the back of them without it really hurting.

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