Jift Combines Facebook And Google+ On Your iPhone

iOS: Using more than one social network gets a little frustrating when you're switching between sites to keep up with everything. Jift takes two of the most popular, Facebook and Google+, and combines them into one app.J

ift works just how you'd expect: you log into both accounts and the app shows you notifications, photos, news feeds, friends and your profile as if it were a single social network. Each item has a small blue (Facebook) or red (Google+) highlight to let you know which network a particular item belongs to. You can also separate them if you like by just tapping the name of the social network on any page.

The downside to using a convenience app like Jift is that it gains access to your account information. Logins aren't handle via OAuth, and using Facebook with Jift requires approving a Facebook app that has access to absolutely everything in your account. Naturally, these two things will provide security concerns for some.

Jift is available for free on the iTunes App Store, but the Pro version (for $2) adds additional features, including cross-posting to both networks at the same time.

jift (free) / Pro ($1.99) [iTunes App Store]


    Oh wow... finally, an app that does what I've been able to natively do (for free) on my WP7 phone for the last couple of years.

    This will be great for all those Google+ users out there... ಠ_ಠ

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