Is There An NBN POI In Your Area?

The National Broadband Network (NBN Co) will be powered by 121 points of interconnection (POIs), strategically located around Australia. Wondering where the nearest POI is? Find out with our interactive map.

Picture by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Note that the presence (or absence) of a POI doesn't directly impact on your ability to access the NBN at a given address. ISPs will connect to a given POI to offer services, but the full set of POIs should cover most of Australia. POIs play an important role in the NBN's multicast services, which make it more cost-effective to offer video and other high-bandwidth applications.

If you're curious about where your nearest POI will be located, check out the map below. You can zoom in to identify nearby POIs, or search for specific city and suburb names using the Search box. (To reset the map after searching, clear the search box and then click Search again).

Clicking on the marker in each location will tell you the type of connection (metro, outer metro or regional), and whether the POI is housed in an existing Telstra exchange or a purpose-built NBN facility. (Only 10 of the POIs fall into the latter category.) The exact address of each POI has not been disclosed for security reasons, but a general list was released on November 5 by the ACCC, which we've used to populate the map.

To find out when your location is due to have the NBN rolled out, check the existing NBN rollout maps.


    So. . . every State capital in Australia is classified as Metro and have at least 5 POI's within walking distance of each other. . . except for Hobart which has one. . .

      population of hobart - 210,000 (wiki) = 1 POI per 210,000 people
      population of melbourne = 4.1 mil, with 24 POI's = 1POI per 170,000 people

      Assuming POI's are only used for FTTP which will be for 93% of the population (21,000,000 people) there is a national average of 1 POI per 173,000 people. I think Hobart has been adequately catered for.

    Haha I have one down the road. Region to boost!

    "exact address of each POI has not been disclosed for security reasons"......and two lines above it says most have been housed in a Telstra exchange, you know, that big brown brick building with minimal windows and Telstra signs all over it located just near your local shopping centre that everybody knows.....good to see the NBN security spooks working so hard, obviously nobody could ever find the POI's with the 'secret' information given above. Your tax dollars at work, paying for overpriced incompetence.

    YES! Goodna... Im at Forest Lake... means it'll be here uber fast!!!!

    Like 20 years or so if us getting DSL2 was any indication :\

    Ours is in the local Telstra depot, which is across the lane from where get my hair cut. Roll on 2013. Though I still won't believe it's coming until they start digging up my yard.

    Last edited 07/11/12 1:16 am

    Working on what has been mentioned by previous posters, Brisbane sure gets a raw deal on POI's then, at whatever Brisbane is, non current census, but its likely around 2.3million and 10 near by POI's so thats a ratio of 230,000 per POI, lets take away 3 POI because 2 are in the nearby city of Ipswich and 1 to the far north serving Recliffe city and surrounding major towns, so its now something like 330,000 per POI. And the second fastest city growth wise... sucks to be Brisbane..haha

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