Is A High-End Tablet Better Than A Cheap Laptop?

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said last week that "a great tablet is better than a cheap PC". We're not quite so sure, but we're curious to see what you think. Would you buy a high-end tablet and a keyboard instead of a low-end laptop — or even a decent laptop?

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We touched on this topic last week. Now that the Microsoft Surface is out, along with a range of third-party Bluetooth keyboards, you can get some serious work done on your tablet when you're not just surfing the web, playing games and watching videos on it. Would you buy a tablet instead of a laptop if the tablet was good enough?


    The word tablet is hopelessly confused. I was using Tablet PCs a decade ago, and they're simply laptops with hideable/detachable keyboards and pen input. Apple's tablets are a different class of device. Microsoft is now in both games with the Surface and Surface Pro.

    The Surface Pro is a tablet and a laptop. The distinction nowadays is as useful as classifying a media-drive-less laptop as a something else. You need to be clear whether you're talking about low-power devices like the iPad and Surface, or more flexible higher-power devices like the Surface Pro.

    I bought a high-end laptop a few years ago, and frankly it's been rather a disappointment whether it's sitting on a desktop or travelling with me. The Surface Pro will be at least as fast and much lighter so it's a no-brainer.

    I buy a laptop about once a year in January and the surface pro should be out about then. I have an iPad 1 and a nexus 7 and neither could replace a laptop.

    One point to look at would be Storage: Local Storage or Cloud Storage? "Tablets" usually have very limited storage while even a cheap laptop can have large store plus the option to attach external hdd's.

    Storage isn't that much of an issue. I can attach a terabyte external HDD to my tablet via USB no problem.

    I'll regard a tablet as a laptop replacement when it runs VirtualBox, Visual Studio and PhoneGap, but not before.

    I have replaced my home laptop for 95% of my use with a Transformer prime with keyboard etc.
    But until Google allows their app to do everything that their web products do, I will still have to use my pc for some tasks. Ie Gmail sending to groups.
    Office suite pro is a large step in the right direction for word processing, but still not quite there for my professional needs.
    And programming/scripting is far easier on a pc with precise mouse inputs.

    The only way a tablet is better than a laptop is if you require the smallest possible form factor. For every other circumstance a PC can do so much more than a tablet. Why would you buy an expensive device that does less than a cheaper device?

    Windows Surface Pro might change things when it comes out, but the other tablet OSes that are currently available have too many limitations for my liking.

    Blue bugle

    I would love to have a tablet that is high end rather than a pc. However, for gaming and such big needs, only a pc will suffice. It seems ultrabooks and laptops are not in position for a win in this game.

    When it comes to spreadsheets, drafting and database management.
    the bets tablet does not come close to a laptop

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