Introducing Lifehacker Comment Voting

What sorcery is this?! As some of you have noticed, today we've rolled out comment up/down votes. Here's how voting works.

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See a comment you like? Give it an up vote. It's more meaningful than a boring old +1, and you're able to click 'View voters' see who else up/down voted as well.

We like that this type of transparency is a little unique. It also helps the more hot-headed amongst us stay accountable for our actions and votes.

Also new: After a certain level of feedback, comment vote counts will turn either green (positive) or red (negative). You'll get the hang of it in no time. In the future, we plan to build further on this initial foundation.

Today’s update is part of our continued membership-based commenting system. So no surprises that you’ll need to be logged in to vote.

Not a member? You can register here.

Membership has benefits, including on-site and email comment notifications, bookmarks, newsletters, exclusive competitions and more.

And as always, a big thanks to our tech team (Allure Media's own @benwhite and @robhussey) for all their hard work. Like elves in the night . . .


    I vote me -1.

      I see your -1 and raise you to a 0....

      Edit: i seem to have no power... and can't +1 you.
      should not have commented before testing :-\

      Last edited 05/11/12 3:06 pm

    i cant seem to + / - any of you guys

      Maybe try clearing cookies/temp files and log in again etc? Don't know for sure why it would be happening, works fine here though..

      We've been getting a couple of reports of this happening to other users and it appears to be related to users with Adblock enabled.

      We're looking into a solution to fix this. In the meantime, if users whitelist or disable Adblock for, it *should* enable the voting functionality.

      Could you confirm whether Adblock is causing the issue for you?

    You've missed the ball We don't want to rate our peers, we rather rate your articles.

      THAT one deserves a definite vote up :)

      I'd vote this up, but it won't let me :-)

    i can only see the arrows on a full browser, can't see them in Android Chrome

    Just tell me you won't be introducing any /lh creepshots 'sub-lifehacks' to go with the up/down voting :)

    'sub-lifehacks' ... lowlifes ... see what I did there ? hehe

    Doesnt appear to be working for me even with LH whitelisted in my adblock

    I think you forgot your mobile skin. Mobile first, you guys!

    Thankyou! Wanted this for ages. Doesn't have mobile support however..

    Upvotes are good. Downvotes just encourage negativity.

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