How Do You Get Through The Work Day When You're Feeling Awful?

Maybe you're tired. Maybe you're sad. Maybe someone spilled coffee on you this morning. Whatever the case may be, when you're having a bad day, what do you do about it?

We've talked about how to beat a bad day before it starts, but some days you just don't feel great and want to sit around and do nothing. That's rarely a good solution, so what gets you off your butt? How do you keep yourself working when you're not in the mood? Or, better yet, how do you make yourself feel better?


    popping the headphones in with some calming music (my personal choice some progressive house/trance) with a cup of ice cold black coffee.

      Glad I'm not the only one who finds house/trance incredibly relaxing and soothing. Others seem to find it energising and even antagonising. Matter of personal taste I guess.

        House or trance beats are nice for a while,
        but then I need something new, so it becomes Old Rap,
        but then I need something new, so it becomes Country music,
        but then I need something new, so it becomes Indie Music,
        & so on & so on...
        Anything except for Commercial Pop!

      im on board with this as well. something with no words or it grabs my attention.

      maybe some asot, tron soundtrack also does the trick


      That will make reading comments so much easier, especially those articles with 5 comments or more.. no wait. nevermind.

      The buttons are not working for me. Shame really... I wanted to vote your comment up.

        They didnt work for me in Chrome, but did in IE.

          Do you have AdBlock for Chrome? If so, turn it off and see it that fixes it. AdBlock seems to be the issue for a lot of users.

    Find a different place than usual to work. Get out of the house, find a different office or desk, or just switch around a few things on the current desk to make it feel new. It's amazing how a sense of things not being the same can help you shake a sense of low-ness. Like the room switching sleep trick.

    Obviously, this won't work for more serious depressive episodes, but I've found I can turn around quite a few days by finding something to suppress the "same old" feeling.

    As an entertainer (Comedy/Magician) I would have to say the hardest part of the job is to make people laugh when you don't feel much like laughing yourself!
    How do we get through it? Autopilot. The secret is to be good enough at the job to be able to do it without letting the other stuff get in the way.
    Does it work? Hell yeah! Some of my best performances have been, for instance:
    * The first show after my Mum died.
    * The day my girlfriend told me she would not be there when I got home from the show.
    * When I had German Measles.
    (OK, I lied about the show after my Mum died... That one was Sh!t)

    I find coming to LifeHacker and (other various sites) and looking at some of the motivational posts, helps me greatly.

    That and lists, lots of lists
    - Write post on LH (tick)

    Use this

    Some days, you can re-energise yourself by forgetting the "urgent" stuff and working on something less urgent but more interesting (and probably at least as important in the long run). I find on those days, I can end up really making a lot of progress and feeling great about coming into work the next day.

    Other days, you have to give up on getting the big stuff done. Then it's a perfect time to do the little things like getting your inbox under control, formatting reports and doing admin tasks.

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