Hack An Umbrella Stand To Remind You To Grab An Umbrella

If you don't know rain is on the way, you're not going to think to grab your umbrella on your way out the door. Over on openPicus, Simone Marra shows us how to build a reminder system that taps into the weather forecast so you never leave the house without an umbrella when you need it.

The system uses a Grove Nest board, a Wi-Fi module, motion sensor, an umbrella stand and some LEDS that alert you. It then taps into the weather forecast and lights up as you walk past if rain is on the way. The system isn't particularly hard to put together, and the benefit of never getting rained on is pretty clear. Head over to openPicus for the full guide to making this for yourself.

Umbrella Stand [openPicus via MAKE Magazine]


    I live in Brisbane, where the morning can break sunny and clear, and a thunderstorm can be stomping around by 3-4pm. I just carry an umbrella in my bag everywhere I go, regardless.

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