From The Tips Box: Waking From Sleep, Pandora Favourites

Readers offer their best tips for waking up your computer and reminding yourself which songs you liked on Pandora.

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Troubleshoot Computers That Won't Wake from Sleep

Moon finally figures out why his keyboard and mouse won't wake his computer from sleep:

I was having a really hard time getting any of my USB peripherals (keyboard, mouse) to bring my notebook PC out of sleep. In searches, I found lots of people having the exact same problem.

One of the fixes often suggested was to check in Device Manager for checkboxes under Power Management tabs in the "USB Root Hub" category, or whatever else it might be named in there. There were checkboxes alright, but they didn't make a difference.

I checked my power plans, including the custom ones, trying to find a setting to make things happen. Nothing there. I should've known that, but I had to check.

At one forum, someone offered a .reg file as a fix. That didn't work either. I should have left it alone anyway, coming as it did, from a place I'd never visited before.

Always at this point, I give up in disgust. Then I come back later, OCD and all, and try again. The last thing I tried was in the BIOS. Somehow, USB Wake Support had gotten disabled. I might have done that but I have doubts, because not long ago I had reset everything to factory default, and that was the last time I looked in the BIOS until today.

TL;DR: Make sure USB Wake Support is Enabled, or however it might be named. After that, things should work. Should.

Not every computer has this option, but it's worth checking if you're having problems. If you have a Hackintosh, there are a million other things this could be (as it's a common problem among hackintoshers). Photo by Tom Small.

Take a Screenshot To Quickly Mark Liked Pandora Songs

Jenniewryy figures out a faster way to log her favourite Pandora songs:

Take a screenshot of your phone when Pandora plays a song you like. It's faster than bookmarking, and the album cover is a handy reference to make sure you're buying the right song (if you're not purchasing directly from the app, obviously).

You can also thumbs up them as normal, then go back to that station's details to see everything you've thumbs-upped, but this is a great tactic.


    Hmmmm, I'd just like to be able to get the pandora app from the Australian app store for a beginning.

    Bios, always worth a check, I've had it mysteriously do weird things to RAM timings that took forever to fault find as I'd not changed it myself.

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