Find The Large Attachments Eating Up Your Gmail Space With A Simple Search

Google is known for its search capabilities and offers many useful search shortcuts, so it's no wonder that Gmail does the same. Network administrator Josh Gilmour points out on his blog that if you're low on space in your Gmail account, one easy way to fix it is to search by message size.

Searching by size is very simple. You just type size: and then the minimum number of you want each message to be. For example, you'd type size:1000000 for messages greater than 1MB. Here are a few more examples, and you can click each link to see the results in your inbox immediately:

Pretty useful for clearing things out.

Finding Large Attachments and Emails in Google Mail / Gmail [TechSmog]


    I use a similar strategy when clearing space off my SSD. I use to find all the larger files and check if they're truly necessary.

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