EA Origin Hacked; Time To Change Your Passwords

Video game fans, take heed: many users are reporting that their EA Origin accounts — the ones required to play games like Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3 and many other popular titles — have been breached. This means it's time to change your passwords.

You all know the drill by this point: change the password to your EA account before someone gets a hold of it. If you use the same password on any other accounts, you should change them too. You can do this by logging into the EA Origin client on your computer, clicking on your username and changing it from there — I can't seem to find anywhere on EA's website to change my password, so if you don't have Origin installed, you may have to download it or change it from your game console of choice.

No word yet on how many accounts were breached or how, since EA has yet to say anything useful about the subject. Hit the link to read more.

EA Origin Accounts Are Being Hijacked [Eurogamer]


    EA have stated that their Origin database has not been compromised however I would suggest changing your password anyway.

    This is starting to get really old....

    It's just rather unfortunate most of the targets are gaming companies...

    You can change your password from the Origin website.
    Login and go to "Download Origin".
    From here click on your usernames down arrow then choose "My account" where you can edit your password.

    Let's make some sh*tty service that everyone hates but is forced to use (because Steam or Xbox Live or what have you is not sufficient...) yet put your passwords in plain text because users have no choice..

    time to change your passwords or how about time to replace the password system with something more robust

    Just went to change my password, only to find they had a limit of 16 characters. This makes it incredibly difficult for me to choose one as NONE of my passphrases are that short, and anything else is not memorable.


    If longer passwords in any way shape or form hurt their system, then THEY are doing passwords wrong and need to fix that anyway!

      Lastpass's password generator allows you to specify the password length.

    What I found annoying with this is that I went to the Origin website, and couldn't find any links to my account where I could change my password. After a good five minutes I realised I had to open Origin itself, then login and change my password through there.

    Maybe I didn't look good enough, or maybe EA should allow you to change your account credentials through the site as well.

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