Don't Rush To Tell Anyone About Major Life Decisions

Reddit user maybe_a_little suggests waiting three to six months before telling anyone about major life decisions, such as changing religions or choosing to not have children. By keeping the news to yourself for a while, you can avoid annoying your loved ones with newbie rants about how they should adopt your thinking and way of life.

After a few months, you'll find that either you're a bit less evangelical about your new passion, you're more selective about who you choose to share with, or you may have even abandoned that lifestyle choice altogether.

In any event, waiting to tell your friends and family might pay off by making sure your changes stick. By the time you get around to telling them about your new way of life, you'll have some experience and be more knowledgeable. You can overcome the need to tell someone right away about your changes by finding an online discussion group to share your thoughts with — you'll get to learn the common arguments for and against your position, and you can practise how you'll share the news with friends and family. Photo by Pascal

Wait 3-6 months after making a lifestyle change before telling anyone about it [Reddit]


    I find the exact opposite to be true - it's much easier for me to break a personal promise or intention than it is to break one you've discussed with others.

    This is especially true with things like exercise, quitting smoking, starting a hobby, etc. Larger life choices might benefit from secrecy or it might just give you an easy 'out' with no real consequences.

    Not sure if its a major life decision but I agree. When I decided to drop twenty kilos and become more healthy in my eating I told everyone so I was accountable for my decision. This stuff though I think refers to major things which you really don't discuss with the world just those close to you anyway. Its an odd topic, I'm not sure how many people it helps.

      this was a reply to Exdol but it didn't link.

    If you've never had kids, and then choose to not have children, how is this a major life decision? Especially if you're already single...

    Now if you already have kids then decide to not have them, that's another story. One involving homicide detectives.

    I have stopped making major life decisions, as almost all of my past ones have been a mistake. Fortunately, once you reach 40, there are less of them to make.

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