Do You Share Your Relationship Status On Social Media Sites?

When relationships began or ended, the world was only the wiser if you decided to share. Nowadays you just have to tick a box on Facebook and whether you're single or not is reported across the globe.

Recently Facebook updated this feature to include couple profiles, much to the distaste of many, broadcasting a history of your relationship as well. This isn't something everyone wants, but it's become somewhat of a social norm and obligation to announce your status. Some significant others may be offended if you don't. So, do you update your relationship status on social media sites?

Whether you do or not, tell us why in the comments — and share any interesting stories too!


    Been through this recently, it was easy enough to just not accept her request on facebook to update our relationship status but when she started tagging me every time we went out together i couldnt control it and everyone now knows every time we go out which is frustrating. I dont want people to know that we are out having dinner... It means they know exactly where I am and that I am not at home, which as i live by myself it doesnt take a rocket scientist to realise it means no one is at my house.

      You can set up your preferences so that no one can tag you in a photo, status or comment without you reviewing the tag first if that helps?

      You could just ask her to stop tagging you? If she doesn't respect your reasonable request for privacy, time to move on.

        Good plan, but it doesn't always work in reality. Some people genuinely don't understand why you would want that level of privacy.

        They might agree to the request, but will assume:
        -you are embarrassed by her and don't people to see you together
        -you're trying to minimise her involvement in your life as a precursor to breaking up with her
        -you're having an affair/trying to seduce other women, which is easier when your facebook isn't full of obvious 'girlfriend activity'

        Trust me, it's easier to just turn on the 'review tags' option and avoid any possible distrust the conversation may cause.

      You can also make yourself untangable in your settings.

      What's the big deal? If you have only people you know and trust on your Facebook. It's a non issue. You may have some friends who may be in the same area and you can hang out after dinner?

      The real question here is why are you friends with people on facebook who know where you live but might rob you?

    Awesome, I dont use facebook that often so didnt realise that was an option thanks guys.

    Because I'm gay, I do not show my relationship status more for safety. While most of me and my partner's facebook friends would be fine with it, some of them would not.

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