DIY Penetrating Oil Helps Remove Rusty Metal Parts

WD-40 is a penetrating oil that is useful for helping free rusted parts and stop squeaking doors. You can purchase a can of it at any hardware store, but you can also make your own in a pinch if you have access to acetone and automatic transmission fluid made from dextron/mercron.

One Instructables user points out that this DIY recipe worked better than the commercial product when having to remove a rusted brake rotor from an axle. To make your own, just mix up a 50/50 batch in a cheap spray bottle and shake well before using. You probably already have acetone around the house (paint thinner or nail polish remover), but the automatic transmission fluid might have to be procured at a local auto parts store.

Home-made pentrating oil [Instructables]


    Isn't acetone one of the ingredients for crystal meth? I had to buy some (for thinning paint) at a chemist recently and they asked me a LOT of questions about why I needed it.

      They sell it at Bunnings readily. You can get litre bottles of it for like $10.

        I Should've gone to bunnings but I was in the middle of a job and the chemist was a 2min walk, whereas bunning is a 20min drive. Next time I'll be more prepared. Or more careful not to spill paint on the carpet!

    This is another one of those ridiculous things that most people would find completely useless (I call it the Lifehacker syndrome).

    If you're the kind of person who has a use for keeping acetone and automatic transmission fluid at home, you'll pretty much guarantee they'd have at least 1 can of WD-40 or similar as well. If you don't have a need to keep either of these at home, you'd be much better off buying proper WD-40 than making your own (considering any place that would would sell automatic transmission fluid would also sell WD-40, this shouldn't be a huge issue).

      Lol! That's what I was thinking, in a less harsh way. It might be useless but it's still interesting to know.

    If you're using WD40 to stop squeaking doors, you're using it wrong. It's not a lubricant. It'll long term make the problem worse. Get graphite (or talc powder in a pinch) for stopping squeaky doors.

      Well use number one written on the can is "Stops squeaks".

    "but the automatic transmission fluid might have to be procured at a local auto parts store."

    And while at the local auto parts store, you could just buy the WD40 and save yourself the hassle.

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