Disconnect Keeps Your Wi-Fi Browsing Safe

Disconnect Keeps Your Wi-Fi Browsing Safe

Chrome/Firefox/Safari: Disconnect, one of our favourite privacy-protecting browser extensions, has been updated to help protect you from session hijacking. The new Secure Wi-Fi feature blocks attacks that can occur if a site you visit uses an insecure connection to link to external services such as Google or Facebook.

The video above does a great job at explaining how session hijacking works and how Secure Wi-Fi protects you from it. We’ve discussed how you can protect yourself from this type of attack in the past; Disconnect now does a great job of both protecting your security as well as protect your privacy from advertisers, spammers and other prying eyes. Secure Wi-Fi in Disconnect currently protects you from hijacked YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Gmail, Twitter and Yahoo sessions, with more options said to be on the way. The add-on is free, and the updated version is available now.

Disconnect [via Disconnect Blog]


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