Digistore 4GB Spy Pen Camera Discreetly Captures Photos And Videos

Want to spy on your friends or family? Your coworkers? Your dog? Here's a cheap camera disguised as a pen that starts recording with the press of a button.

Whether you have a legitimate (and legal) reason to secretly record something, or you're just doing it for fun, Digistore's pen camera is a cheap and effective way to do it. Most pen cameras offer fairly low-quality recordings and photos, and we haven't seen an expensive pen that does much better than this little cheap one. It is not a phenomenal implement by any stretch of the imagination, but it records decent videos and images in standard definition. It will work on both Windows and Mac OS X, just like a flash drive. Operating the camera take a bit of work, however, and you'll need to read the instructions carefully. Despite these drawbacks, it's a pretty awesome spy gadget for under $US20.

Digistore 4G Pen Camera with Video, Voice Recording [Amazon]

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    how to change the date in the Digistore 4GB Spy Pen Camera Discreetly Captures Photos and Video?

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