Dick Smith Selling Unlocked iPhone 4 And 4S

If you want to buy an unlocked iPhone outright, your traditional sources have been the Apple Store itself and various online retailers. If you want instant gratification and don't live near an Apple outlet, here's another possibility: Dick Smith has now started selling a handful of iPhone models in 50 of its stores, though the iPhone 5 is not among them.

Picture by Michael Nagle/Getty Images

Just two models are on offer: the 8GB iPhone 4 for $449, and the 16Gb iPhone 4S for $679. That's the same pricing as Apple.

Only 50 Dick Smith outlets are offering the phone (and you can't buy it online through Dick Smith). We've integrated the list of stores into the map below, which you can search to see if your local branch is selling the two models.


    I really like the iP4 sure, I'm still using one... but paying $100 more than a Nexus 4 for something two and a half years older? Please. If the losing your paid apps is an issue... how about spending $100 on Android apps (an effort in itself to find that much you'd want to buy) and get a proper new phone - seriously.

    Just a note, JB Hifi have been selling the iP4 and iP4s outright for quite sometime now, they also sell them a tad cheaper than Apple, and can do better when asked. Obviously stock would be limited across stores, but they can check in store which stores do have them :)

    Carousel WA in Washington USA?

    Be wary of jb hifi - I bought an outright I Phone from them and it wouldn't work. I turned out it was locked to Telstra. I had to phone Telstra myself and then unlocked it for free which took a few hours of my time.

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