Dealhacker: Sony Music Unlimited For $13.99

Sony's Music Unlimited Service normally costs $12.99 a month. Right now, Sony is running a deal where members of PlayStation Plus can sign up for a year for just $13.99.

That's a very cheap streaming music service if you're already a PlayStation Plus member. If you're not and you prefer the Sony choice to the other streaming music options in Australia, signing up for PlayStation Plus for $69.99 then adding the $13.99 will work out substantially cheaper for a year's membership.



    Not to mention, PlayStation Plus is incredible.

    if only the mobile app supported a much wider variety of phones

      The website says iPhone and all Android phones, what more do you want?

        app store says my galaxy nexus and nexus 4 are both not compatible, possibly a 4.2 thing, but I don't get why its so hard for them to do that when most other apps transition fine

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