Dealhacker: iTunes Card Special Roundup

Discount deals for iTunes cards are particularly widespread at the moment. We've rounded up what's on offer in stores around the country.

The best-value iTunes card deal is a pair of $20 cards for $30, which amounts to a 25 per cent discount. Several retailers have that on offer at the moment:

  • EB Games (no fixed end date; runs until stock for the deal runs out)
  • Harvey Norman (end date not known)

If you can't get to either of those retailers, Myer has 20 per cent off all cards until November 25, Target has two $30 cards for $50 (a 16.6 per cent saving) until November 14, and Woolworths Petrol has 20 per cent off $30 and $50 cards. For a longer-term deal, Kmart has two $30 cards for $50 until November 21 — a less substantial deal, but one that runs for longer. (Thanks to readers for pointing out I'd misreported this deal before and noting the Woolworths Petrol option.)


    Angus, the Kmart deal is 2x $30 for $50, same as the Target one. This has been mentioned a few times now.

    And as usual Lifehacker AU doesn't have a clue what is going on around them:
    20% off on $30 and $50 cards at Woolworths Petrol.

      What a charmless comment, especially given that it's still a lower discount than the Kmart ones.

        But it's not lower! The actual Kmart deal is 16.6% off (2x$30 for $50) same as Target.

        Check the catalogue you've linked to Angus.

          D'oh! Now fixed. (But doesn't justify the "doesn't have a clue" comment from an earlier poster.)

    OfficeWorks Price match Kmart cards: 30% off?

      If it was me I'd do it. I don't think the price match terms restrict iTunes cards but you might get pulled up on it being two separate items.

    Betta electrical are advertising 20% off iTunes. This may be of interest to those who have only Betta as a local option.

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