Dealhacker: Is Dodo’s Xbox 360 Deal Worth It?

Dealhacker: Is Dodo’s Xbox 360 Deal Worth It?

Dodo is offering an Xbox 360 plus three games and 25 months of Xbox LIVE Gold membership to customers who sign up for its unlimited broadband plan. Is the value in that deal enough to overcome Dodo’s often shaky reputation?

Under the deal, if you sign up for a 24-month contract for Dodo’s unlimited broadband at $59.80 a month, you get the Xbox 360 (currently retailing for under $200), one month’s Xbox Gold Live membership in the box, two 12-month membership vouchers for Xbox Live (each worth $79.95), plus three games (Disney Adventures, Kinect Adventures and your choice of Halo 4 or Sesame Street). That will cost you a minimum of $1437.60.

If you don’t own an Xbox 360 and you’d use the membership, this might be tempting, as it’s one of the cheaper unlimited broadband deals out there. On the debit side of the ledger: Dodo has a very mixed reputation for customer service, and you’re tied to a long-term contract. Note also that the $59.80 price only applies in metro areas: you can sign up in regional areas, but the cost is higher and the speed is lower.

When it comes to unlimited deals, TPG is still effectively the provider to beat, especially if it makes good on its promise to introduce an unlimited NBN service. Does this offer tempt you? Tell us in the comments.


  • So doing the math (and excluding other ISP that might be better) – Dodo offer the same plan minus xbox for $20pm cheaper. Meaning you are really just financing the xbox for a total of $480 over 24 months.

    Given you can also get 1×12 month live card on the basic plan the extras left are $300 for an xbox with knect + knect adventures, $80 for a live card, and $70 for Halo 4. So about $450 total. And I know you can get better deals for all the xbox gear too but that is the retailish price (from DSE).

  • This is a great deal. I have looked into it and your math is wrong. This is a Kinect console which is worth $299 + $159 for Live then $70 for Halo, it is actually $528 worth of Value. If you say you are paying a premium of $20 per month for the Console bundle that is $480. You save $48 and you get to pay it off $20 a month which is cool. I love it!!.

    • true, however I signed up, they connected my service the next day but waited 2 and a half weeks to send me my modem and xbox. also they gave me 1 month of live membership, i have called about 5 times asking where my so called 25 months is and you would not believe what they told me.. they told me to keep using my 1 month code whenever it expired – like i was stupid and as if the 1 month subscription code was freakin magic and magically worked every time you used it!

  • Sign up and then try and cancel your account with DoDo at the end of the 24 months. I have had client that spent 6months+ trying to cancel with DoDo and had to report them to the ombudsman instead. They would never get through to the call centre, after hour plus waits would just get a dropped call.

    • If it ever hers to that point, document EVERYTHING. Make sure to keep everything in writing and if you keep detailed enough documentation to back up that you had been prevented disconnecting you will probably have a good case to get that time refunded.
      TIO cases cost ISPs a lot of money once they get past a certain point so make it clear that you will raise a case if they make it difficult for you to cancel your contract as you requested. However be prepared for it to take a few months if you raise a TIO case, they are pretty damn busy but they will certainly carry a lot of weight if required.

      • At the end of the contract, if you still need broadband, just sign up with a new provider after the contract lapses, not before. The 30 days notice doesn’t apply anymore then and the new provider will take all the hassle out of cancelling…

  • signed up because i wanted an xbox and the internet.
    they took my money but failed to tell me they were out of stock.. I waited 2 and a half weeks before I called the ombudsmen, suddenly I got a call from dodo saying they got more in stock! after receiving the xbox they failed to include the full 25 month live subscription and it came with only 1 month.. i have been trying everyday now to chase up the two 12 month cards (as pictured on the site!) only for them to tell me

    A. my 1 month automatically converts to 25 months because they told microsoft to change it on the serial number (this was actually what they told me) i told them I wasn;t stupid so then it was:
    B. after 1 month enter that SAME code and i will get 12 months, then if i did it again it will be another 12 month… WHAT is this? a MAGIC code?
    C. then i was told constantly to check my ‘account management’ as they code will ‘appear’ in there, ive been checking everyday and nothing… so today they told me it will ‘appear’ after my first month subscription expires…
    they have 3 weeks before I call the ombudsmen again. What is so hard about sending customers EVERYTHING at the same time?

  • I signed up just.because of this deal.. Added 1 mobile and homephone ,the deal with discounts was still better than what a had with a got the xbox in 8 days..only problem is the.missing 24mth live sub .I will be banging currymunching tommorow

    • Just to update, dodo have come good with there free live sub , u get the first 12mth 14 days after sign up, and then the next 12mth when the first runs out ..great job dodo and a outstanding deal

      • So to confirm, you get the first 12 mths 14 days after signing up with dodo, then have to wait another 12 mths to get the next years membership?

        Been wary of dodo for years but thought I’d give them a go this time around – just moved & was looking for a new ISP. Signed up on Monday last week, was connected on Thursday & received the xbox bundle today, so only 8 days from start to now.

        Getting good speeds & no connection problems so far, hope it continues. Just trying to decide whether to open the xbox or just sell it as is for some extra cash….

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