Dealhacker: Free JBL PlayUp Speaker With Lumia 920 Pre-Orders From Telstra

If you're tempted by the Lumia 920 (which Telstra has the Australian carrier exclusive for) and are happy to order online ahead of the November 29 local release, Telstra is offering a bonus deal: a JBL Playup Bluetooth/NFC speaker valued at $199 is being thrown in with pre-orders before November 20.

Getting that deal requires you to sign up for a 24-month contract, so it won't be for everyone. (The phone is $696 from Telstra outright.) [Telstra Exchange]


    All colours are actually sold out, no pre-orders.

    Sorry Angus! At 4pm this arvo when this was posted it was already all sold out.. With only a comment of "Try again later, we are trying to get more ".

    Good deal, just hope Telstra gets more in before then. Supposedly in store Telstra will let you pre-order the wireless charger for $29 down from $129 with the Lumia.

    And I signed up for the register your interest site and never got informed and have misse dout. Way to drop the ball on those that registered their interest weeks ago!

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