Create Junk Accounts To Get Discounted Stuff Without Spamming Friends

Lots of companies offer discounts and "free" stuff in exchange for posting a little ad on your Twitter or Facebook page. While it may be a good deal, you don't necessarily want to clutter up your social media feeds with a bunch of ads. The solution? Create junk accounts specifically for the purpose.

You can create an account with whatever name you like. When it comes time to sell a spot on your feed for a free coffee or app, just use the junk account you created instead of your primary one. While this might be a little disingenuous, you're still helping the company get the word out without annoying your friends.


    It's not always something you're able to do though - some require a minimum of like 100 followers to be eligible, which any casual user will generally fail to get...

    Ive always wondered about the merit in this idea, most social media giveaways are not (even though they should) using the general rules for promotions in australia, which make the company accountable for giving everyone who enters a fair chance.

    What I am saying is, what stops the companies just skipping your name because your retweet went to 0 people, or 5 or whatever, these days it is pretty easy to spot a fake account. This would make sense from a marketing perspective, as why would you give something to someone who isn't real when they are not going to praise you to their followers for doing do?

    This seems to have no logic behind it at all. If you create a junk account to advertise to people, you need to have followers on that account to advertise to. However, if it is a junk account why would you waste time trying to get followers? Wouldn't you want followers on your genuine account? If you somehow can get followers to this junk account, you still end up annoying them with your shill tweets.

    This makes no sense.

    How about if you have a genuinely good experience with a company you just honestly tweet about that, if that is your thing. If they reward you, cool. If not, no great loss.

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    I've used this technique to get bonus storage space via 'friend referrals' on a cloud service

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