Create A Custom Refresh Image In Windows 8

One of the best new features of Windows 8 is the "refresh your PC" feature, where you can return your system to a like-new state. Unfortunately, even though the refresh will keep your files and personalisation settings as well as apps from the Windows Store, it will remove all other (non-Metro) programs. You can fix this by creating a custom refresh image.

How-To Geek has a guide to doing just that. The process basically involves running the Command Prompt as an administrator and using the recimg.exe utility to create your snapshot. The image will contain all your installed apps and your tweaked settings, and then you can refresh your PC to reload Windows and start, well, fresh again without having to reformat.

How to Create a Custom Refresh Image in Windows 8 [How-To Geek]


    This is friggin awesome, no more using Acronis to backup and restore my PC. Using an SSD as main drive should make this nice and quick too. Only problem is, first I'm going to have to do a complete refresh and reinstall all my progies so I can get it just so.. }:)

    I keep getting error:
    The recovery image cannot be written.
    Error Code - 0x80070002


      Did you run the Command Prompt as Administrator?

        of course. i cant seem to get around it :(

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