Cook A Hearty Campfire Breakfast In A Paper Bag

The next time you go camping, pack some eggs and bacon for breakfast, but leave the frypan behind. Grab some brown paper bags — they get the job done just as quickly as a pan, and you can make breakfast for everyone on the trip at once.

This tip uses the same basic principle we saw when we fried an egg with a sheet of paper and binder clips — namely that paper, when properly oiled, won't catch fire at controlled temperatures. Line the bottom of the paper bag (and up the sides a little) with strips of bacon, then crack the eggs into the little bacon boat you will have going on at the bottom of the bag. Make as many bags as you like, then pop them over the camp stove or grill on a grate and wait.

Lakeland Gear says you will know the food is done when the grease from the bacon soaks up the sides of the bag about halfway. Pass out the bags, grab a fork and enjoy. It's a fun campfire (or backyard grill!) trick that requires little prep time.

Camping Cooking - Breakfast In A Bag [Lakeland Gear Blog via Tipnut]


    Grease, fire and paper - sounds like a recipie for.... Breakfast!

    "won’t catch fire at controlled temperatures. " totally description of camp fire

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