Click Frenzy Deals Rated: The Good, The Pointless, The Strange

A handful of deals for the Click Frenzy 'Cyber Tuesday' sale have emerged ahead of tonight's 7PM AEDT start. Sticking to our principle of assessing any sale on its merits, we're highlighting the ones we know about and whether they're worthwhile, including Kogan, Telstra, Dick Smith and more. We'll update as more deals come to hand.

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Our core advice for Click Frenzy remains the same: don't rush in just because a deal is "limited" or because you've had to try multiple times to access the site. This is not the only sale that will happen for any of these retailers this year, or for anyone else: Apple is planning a Black Friday sale this week, and Dell has a Super Cyber Sale right now. With that in mind, here are the Click Frenzy deals that have emerged ahead of time that Lifehacker readers may care about.

Telstra: Telstra's offer of 50 per cent off all albums bought through BigPond Music is a great way to fill out your collection. 50 per cent off bedlinen is a much more subjective deal.

Ezy DVD: Ezy DVD has 20 per cent off all titles — great for movie collection gaps or Christmas presents, though it would be worth checking if other retailers have a better deal on any individual title.

Kogan: A varied mix of deals. Free shipping on the Agora TV dongle isn't bad, but this has been available for $59 recently. Kogan runs free shipping deals with some regularity, so any of the deals where only shipping is discounted aren't particularly worth your time.

Lenovo: A mix of not-so-large bargains and decent savings (up to $600 off the X1 Carbon). Definitely do some comparison shopping on your models before purchasing.

Dick Smith: Mostly ordinary offers. Avoid the HDMI cable like the plague.

Big Brown Box: Some reasonable deals on brand-name TVs, some less exciting deals on docks.

Ted's: $100 off DSLRs if you spend more than $900, and $50 off compacts if you spend more than $200. Potentially some savings to be had, but comparison shopping definitely advised.

Happening but frankly unexciting/highly specific: Dan Murphy's, Mwave

If you spot others, note (and rate) them in the comments.



    Last edited 20/11/12 4:50 pm

    The only thing that I expect to be a decent price is towels.

    Jeanswest have 40% off for members (you'd have to become a member to buy anything anyway)

    Click Frenzy is up. . . and its DOWN!

    I'd be a bit cautious with Lenovo. It's nice if you get the new notebook or tablet with no issues - but a considerable number of their customers (myself included) have reported experiencing less-than-satisfactory service and technical support.
    The whirlpool forum may be a good place to go if you do encounter problems - look out for lead_org, the so-called "Lenovo evangelist / MVP"

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