Clear Brings Colour-Coded To-Do Lists To Mac

Clear Brings Colour-Coded To-Do Lists To Mac

Mac: Clear, the elegant colour-coded to-do manager for iPhone, is now available on your Mac. The app syncs with iCloud, looks a lot like its iOS cousin, and offers simple to-do lists organised by colour so you can focus on the task without being distracted by buttons and widgets.

Your to-dos organise themselves based on the priority you set, but all of that happens behind the scenes — you’re only presented with a list of things you have to get done, from most important to least, in a neat windowed view. Your to-dos also sync with iCloud automatically, so if you use Clear on another Mac, or an iPhone or iPad, you can access them anywhere.

Since the desktop version doesn’t benefit from the gestures you can perform on the iPhone, Clear comes with a host of keyboard shortcuts to easily add to-dos, switch lists and rearrange items. If you prefer the mouse, clicking and dragging works too, as does clicking where you want a to-do to go so you can start typing. The whole app is elegant and simple, and it has made the transition from mobile to desktop nicely.

Here’s the catch: Clear for the Mac is $15.99 in the Mac App Store, although it’s on sale for $7.49 today and will be available for $10.49 for a short period tomorrow. The iOS version is $1.99.

Clear [Realmac Software via The Next Web and TechCrunch]

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