Check The Weather Is A Fast, Beautiful Weather App

iOS: There’s no shortage of weather apps available for the iPhone, but Check The Weather may be the fastest one yet. It instantly determines your location and loads a simple dashboard with the current temperature, a graph of the expected temperature for the rest of the day, a three-day forecast, and the sunrise and sunset times.

A quick swipe to the right will load a more detailed hourly forecast, and a swipe to the left will reveal an extended forecast. A swipe upwards from the bottom will load a short term rain forecast and radar, provided by Dark Sky’s fantastic API.

Check The Weather doesn’t overload you with data or get bogged down with loading screens — it simply loads the most important weather information on launch, and presents it in a clean, beautiful interface. The app is $1.99 in the iTunes App Store.

Check The Weather [iTunes App Store via The Brooks Review]


    Looks ugly to me :/

    Once again, a review of a weather app that covers every aspect except *accuracy*.

    How accurate is this app? Is the data from the Bureau of Meteorology? Or from Yahoo or some other bunch of idiots who think Australia is near France?

      How accurate for Australia? Not very. It uses data from Dark Sky, which doesn't cover Australia.

      How about not including apps that aren't relevant to Australian users, and sticking to ones that are. As Shep mentioned, Pocket Weather is far better than any other weather app I have tried, both in program execution and data source (BOM).

    I know you guys love just re-posting US stories, but how about reviewing a local Aussie product that uses BOM data and looks to offer a lot more features to AUSTRALIANS:

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