Chameleon Adds Custom Backgrounds To The Windows 8 Lock Screen

Chameleon Adds Custom Backgrounds To The Windows 8 Lock Screen

Windows: Getting a little tired of the lock screen images in Windows 8? Chameleon is a free app that will help you personalise it with new images or constantly rotating images that change periodically.

Chameleon is available in the Windows App Store and has built-in support for images from NASA’s Astronomy Picture of The Day, National Geographic’s photo of the day, Bing’s picture of the day, and a number of other popular wallpaper sites. You can tell Chameleon to change the lock screen automatically after a given period of time in the options by itself, or you can browse the collections of images and add them to your own pool of images that Chameleon will choose from.

Windows 8 can automatically rotate wallpapers, so you don’t need another app for that, but if you want a little something new and interesting every time you sit down to unlock your Windows 8 PC or tablet, Chameleon can do it for you. Plus, it’s completely free.

Chameleon [Windows Store via Addictive Tips]


    • on a desktop this isn’t so much of an issue, but on my Surface, even though I have used netplwiz to log in automatically I do see the lock screen a fair bit, I’m currently using Bing My Lock Screen to change the image, but this looks like it could be better

  • You can set it to any image you want using the Photos app – right click on a photo > set as > lock screen. This article makes it sound as if you can’t already change it to whatever you want.

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