Catnipsum Is A Cat-Crazed Lorem Ipsum Generator

If you need random text for a design project and don't want to produce it using Microsoft Word, there are lots of online lorem ipsum generators. The latest one we've encountered? Catnipsum, which churns out 'purrographs' of cat-related phrases.

The generator lets you specify the number of paragraphs you want, and the length of each paragraph (kitten for short, cat for medium, lion for large). Alongside the feline text folio, the site contains an infographic explaining how catnip works and encourages donations to the RSPCA.



    cute, but for pros generators like eg should be preferable.

    Daww! That's so cute. Much more interesting than normal lorem ipsum, but then I guess that kinda defeats the purpose of it; it's not supposed to be interesting.

    Real pros create custom ipsum using the ultimate ipsum mashup tool: ;)

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