Build An All-In-One Retro Gaming Console Inside An Old NES

We've shown you how to turn your computer into a retro arcade and even how to combine it with your living room media center. Instructables user Beave2012 gives his an old school feel by using an old NES as the case.

Sure, you could just use a regular computer case, but what's fun about that? This project gives your all-in-one retro game console a real retro feel, and if you've hung onto that old, broken NES all these years, why not put it to use? Beave2012 lays out all the parts you need, though you could probably tweak it if you wanted to use a different motherboard or other computer parts — just make sure it all fits inside the case. And whatever you do, don't take apart a working NES console! There are only so many left working in the world!

Retro All-In-One Gaming Console [Instructables]


    "only so many left working in the world!"

    Really? These things are tough as nails! And isn't there like a lifetime warranty on these old beasts? Ive still got both my NES's and they both still work. Shame about one of the cords to the power supplies is a bit frazzled.

      +1 I also have a NES that still works perfect... back in those days there was no Red Ring of Death, worst thing that would happen is you need to blow the dust from the cartridge... HA

    Likewise to OZHuski, I have 2 working NES systems, one I bought in Scotland and the other I got at a school trash and treasure sale in Queensland (this one has RCA audio and video out which makes it quite a find). I do confess that i'm a bit of a retro console nut (Sega IIIs, 2600s etc in every cupboard) but if they survived this long they are pretty much tank material IMO :)

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